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The Ph.D. Program in Strategy and Development of Emerging Industries

About Program Foundation
  • The purpose of the program is to cultivate cross-disciplinary management professionals needed by industrial and governmental organizations.

Educational Goals
  • Aligning the development goals of the College of Management with that of Asia University, the program aims to, through diverse curriculum designs, cultivate business management professionals equipped with critical and creative thinking, strategical and organizational manpower planning skills, and market insights.
  • The program aims to cultivate professionals equipped with both theoretical and practical skills, independent thinking, international visions, analytical decision-making and academic research skills.

Educational Characteristics
  • The program incorporates theories with practices, and features three main areas of development: “Technology and Operations Management,” “Marketing and E-commerce,” and “Organization and Human Resource Management.”
  • The program incorporates creative ideas into its curricula to develop students’ sense of innovation.
  • The program organizes business and management seminars, is actively engaged in various industry-university cooperation and exchanges with many well-known enterprise groups.