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PhD Program in BA


The PhD program in Business Administration was founded in 2009 and has since welcomed a large influx of international students. Our program mission is to educate and prepare doctoral candidates for business management, academic research, and careers in industry and government institutions.



Graduation requirement: 36 credits, including 18 credits of Required Courses and 18 credits of Elective Courses.


Learning goals

Professional skills

Students should be equipped with comprehensive knowledge and skills of their fields of expertise in order to be high-level management professionals in different managerial and organizational contexts and talented researchers in research institutions. Make original intellectual contributions to the body of knowledge in their chosen fields and apply it to the contemporary business problems faced in their professional careers

Communication skills

Students should be equipped with superior oral and written     
  communications skills.

Analysis & problem-solving skills

  Students should be equipped with analytical thinking in addition to    
  strategic, creative, and innovative problem-solving skills.


Students should be equipped with professional ethics, virtuous values, and
  ethical conducts.

Global perspectives

Students should think with global perspectives and concern international 


Required courses

PhD Dissertation (6 credits), Required Courses (12 credits), and Elective Courses (18 credits).

Required courses:

Business Strategy Theory, Business Research Methods, Special Topic on Industrial Economics, Advanced Quantitative Methods, Seminar on Special Topics ( I ) ( II ).

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