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Asia Management College (AMC) was established in August 2005. There were six departments: “Department of Business Management” (BA), “Department of International Business” (IB), “Department of Leisure and Recreation Management” (LRM), “Department of Accounting and Information Systems” (AIS), “Department of Finance” (FIN), and “Department of Financial and Economic Law” (FEL). Approved by the Ministry of Education, the Department of International Business was merged into the Department of Business Management in August 2016. The Department of Business Management, the Department of Leisure and Recreation Management, and the Department of Finance and Finance offer MBA and EMBA programs, and the Department of Accounting and Information Science and the Department of Financial and Economic Law offer MBA programs. A Ph.D. program in “Business Economics and Strategy” provided by the Department of Business Management was established in August 2009. Starting in August 2016, AMC offers an EMBA program for top business managers and a specific Ph.D. program in “Smart Health Advanced Management Technology” approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE). Likewise, AMC offers kinds of English Programs: 4-year undergraduate (UG) program, 2+2 UG dual degree program, 3 +1+1 UG-MBA dual degree, and 3+1+1+2 UG-MBA-Ph.D. dual degree program.
Currently, Asia University has nearly 11,500 students, 400 full-time faculty members, and 180 staff. The AMC consists of more than 70 full-time faculty members, including professionals in various academic fields and experts in industry, government and research. The number of students totals is over 3,700, including more than 150 international students.
Upholding the University’s mission of ‘health’, ‘caring’, ‘innovation’, and ‘excellence’, the College of Management strives for excellence by living our core values in service of our College’s mission. ‘Professional skills’, ‘communication skills’, ‘analysis and problem-solving skills’, ‘ethics’, and ‘global perspective’ are our five educational goals to achieve the mission. We have been a member of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) since 2007. After years of hard work, we were accredited by AACSB in February 2017; and passed the Continuous Improvement Review (maintenance accreditation) in February of 2022.
The AMC is committed to internationalization. For English teaching, we not only send a number of teachers to the University of Queensland in Australia annually to study the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) teaching approach; but also organize the English Teaching Community to continuously promote English teaching and sharpen English teaching skills continuously. For dual degree programs, we have cooperated with the Business and Hotel Management School in Switzerland and the Institute of Finance and Economics in Mongolia for many years. Every year, a significant number of students go to Switzerland, Spain, Finland, Great Britain, France, the United States, Japan, China, Korea, Mongolia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Mexico, and Romania for international student exchange, international volunteers, and international internships. 

In October 1999, the preparatory office of Taichung Healthcare and Management College officially began operations. In March 2001, the Ministry of Education (MOE) of the Republic of China approved the college’s legal status.
Asia University’s College of Management was officially formed when Asia University was renamed in 2005. Six departments in the College of Management were established in the years listed below:

1. Department of Business Administration-2006(Master2001,Doctor2009)
2. Department of International Business-2001(Master2002)~2016(merge with Department of Business Administration)
3. Department of Leisure and Recreation Management-2001(Master2003)
4. Department of Accounting and Information Systems-2001(Master2007)
5. Department of Finance-2001(Master2007)
6. Department of Financial and Economical Law-2002