2022 Spring Semester Exchange Program

  • 2022-02-24
  • 陳婉昕 (Luka)
日本 Japan

Shibaura Institute of Technology(芝浦工業大學)
Offers over 100 English-based courses, from advanced courses in science and engineering fields to general courses such as Japanese language courses.
This program allows you to learn and experience the course without having to worry about accommodation, living expenses, transportation, and others.

TUITION AND FEES(SIT Partner University applicants)
● Registration fee: JPY15,000
● Tuition and Program fee: All Waived

Application deadline(報名截止時間)
2022 February 28th

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Nihon Pharmaceutical University(日本藥科大學)
NPU is a pioneer specialized in researching the integration of oriental and occidental medicines. With a shift toward the 6-year Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences education, NPU offers a 4-year Doctoral Course (for both basic and clinical pharmacies) as an independent graduate school. NPU trains pharmacists who have highly specialized knowledge and skills and who have the research ability to independently discover and solve problems in research and medical settings.
Welcome international undergraduates who respect research ethics and understand the integrative medicine apply for our graduate school.
日藥大是東西方藥學統合研究的領先學府。 以日本的藥學 6 年本科教育為基礎,日藥大獨立設置了4 年藥學(基礎・臨床)博士生院。 歡迎對統合醫療理念有興趣,致力於專業藥學研究的優秀學子報考日藥大博士生院。

The new academic year in Japan starts from April (NOT September). Please contact NPU if you have any request.
日本新學年的開學時間是每年 4 月(不是 9 月)。有意向者,請按以下方式和日藥大聯繫。

Nihon Pharmaceutical University (NPU)・Graduate School・International Exchange Center
E-mail: international@nichiyaku.ac.jp
Address: 10281 Komuro, Ina town, Kita-adachi county, Saitama Prefecture 362-0806, Japan.

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